Embezzlement Defense Attorney In Albany, Oregon

When most people think of embezzlement, they picture a high-level CEO caught stashing away millions of company dollars into an overseas bank account. In fact, most embezzlement charges are nothing like the extreme cases that make waves in the media. People from all walks of life may find themselves facing charges.

How Is Embezzlement Different From Other Types Of Theft?

Embezzlement is simply a subset of theft. It happens when someone with legal access to another's property steals or misappropriates that property (which may be money, goods or services). The most common scenario involves allegations against an employee by his or her employer.

From a legal perspective, Oregon law does not differentiate between embezzlement, shoplifting and other types of nonviolent property crimes. All are considered theft. The severity of the charges depends not on the relationships between the parties, but rather the value of property involved:

  • First-degree theft involves property valued at $1,000 or more
  • Second-degree theft involves property worth between $100 and $999
  • Third-degree theft involves property worth less than $100

What Are The Potential Penalties For Embezzlement?

The penalties for embezzlement depend on the severity of the charge. First-degree theft is a felony offense that may result in substantial prison time — particularly in multicount cases. Second- and third-degree charges are misdemeanors, but they still result in significant consequences.

Any type of theft conviction can cast doubt on your honesty. This, in turn, can make it difficult to find a job or pass background checks down the road.

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