Violent Crime Defense Attorney In Albany, Oregon

Violent crime includes a broad range of offenses that range in severity from misdemeanor assault to murder. The vast majority of these charges are felonies. A conviction will leave you facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence. It could also cost you countless opportunities in your future.

The best decision you can make after getting arrested is to contact a criminal defense attorney. The sooner you start preserving your rights and developing a defense, the better.

Find Out More About Your Options

I am Forrest Reid, an Albany area violent crime defense attorney. I have spent my entire career protecting the rights of the accused. When you contact me for an initial consultation, I will give you a realistic outlook on your options.

I provide advice and zealous representation in all types of violent crime cases, including:

  • Assault, which may range from first- to fourth-degree. Most assaults are felony offenses in Oregon. Some are also Measure 11 crimes, which means they require mandatory minimum prison time with no parole or early release.
  • Domestic violence, a common charge that may have ramifications far beyond the immediate criminal consequences.
  • Homicide charges ranging from manslaughter to murder.
  • Armed robbery, both first- and second-degree. Both types of charges involve mandatory minimum prison time.

When these crimes involve guns, the potential sentence often escalates, even if the gun was never fired.

Experience You Can Trust

My track record in handling more than 1,500 trials and serving more than 15,000 defendants gives me a wide breadth of experience to draw on. And as a small-town lawyer with longstanding roots in the area, I have valuable connections with treatment programs, investigators and other professionals who may be involved in your case. You can have confidence that I will explore every lawful means of pursuing the best possible outcome.

To learn more, call 541-926-3823. I look forward to working with you.