Albany Sex Crimes Lawyer

A criminal charge that involves sexual assault or other sex crimes is a frightening thing to be facing. There is a stigma often associated with these types of crimes, and beyond the sentences in the criminal justice system, your reputation is at stake.

At The Reid Law Firm, located in Albany, Oregon, I represent individuals who need an experienced sex crimes attorney to protect their rights. I encourage anyone who has been questioned, accused of or charged with a sex crime to contact me - Forrest Reid, Attorney at Law - as soon as possible. I can bring an unmatched level of experience and skill to the aggressive defense of your rights in the courtroom.

I handle a wide range of sex crime defense matters, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape (also known as Rape III)
  • Sodomy
  • Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor
  • Possession, distribution or production of child pornography

When an individual who has been charged with a sex crime walks into my office, I take the time to work with him or her one-on-one and give my client the opportunity to tell his or her story. I inform clients of their rights and the ways that a prosecutor may try to hand down a sentence. Sex crimes are very serious matters, for both the victim and the accused. It is my goal to make sure all evaluations (i.e., sex offender, mental health, drug, alcohol, etc.), investigations and witness testimonies are gathered to develop a strong defense for my clients.

Whether the case warrants dismissal, a reduction in sentencing or charges, or rehabilitative treatments for the accused, I will pursue those means as aggressively as possible. You need protection from lifetime registration as a sex offender, prison time, employment difficulties, travel issues, struggles within your family and restraining orders, so make sure to get that protection as soon as possible.

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When you contact my office, you will get the personal attention and understanding you need to get lasting results. My goal is to protect my clients and their loved ones, and I am here to support them outside the courtroom and stand up for them in the courtroom with confidence.

I encourage you to reach me via email or by telephone at 541-926-3823 to schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible. Your defense starts now.