Measure 11 Crimes In Oregon | What You Need To Know

Oregon takes a harsh stance against serious crime. A law called Measure 11 imposes lengthy prison sentences for certain felonies. If convicted of a Measure 11 crime, you will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence — which means you must serve the entire time, with no chance of probation or parole.

The law details which crimes qualify under Measure 11. Generally speaking, they include:

  • Major assault crimes
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Murder and attempted murder
  • Kidnapping

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What About Juveniles?

Adults are not the only ones affected by Measure 11; even some juveniles facing serious charges could end up getting transferred to adult court. Mandatory prison is especially tough on those with so much of their lives still ahead of them.

What To Do Next

Measure 11 crimes are the most serious under Oregon law. With your future in jeopardy, your next steps are critical.

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