Drug Crimes Attorney In Albany, Oregon

Illegal drugs land thousands of people in Oregon jails every year. Unfortunately, many types of drug crimes carry harsh penalties. Lengthy jail time and crippling fines are not uncommon.

If you are facing drug charges, you are not alone. Perhaps an addiction led you down a road that culminated in your arrest — or multiple arrests. Perhaps you are looking at multicount charges for drug dealing or manufacturing. Whatever your circumstances, you have the right to a defense.

Why Experienced Legal Guidance Is So Critical

Just as you would never attempt surgery on yourself, so too you should never attempt to navigate the complexities of the justice system on your own — especially when critical rights and liberties are on the line. In the Albany area, contact me, lawyer Forrest Reid. My over 30 years of criminal defense experience can work to your advantage.

I defend those facing all types of drug crimes, including:

  • Possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, illegal prescription drugs and other controlled substances
  • Medical marijuana offenses
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Drug sales and delivery

In some cases, those facing drug possession charges may be eligible for drug court, which is an alternative to traditional punishment-oriented proceedings. Drug court is designed to provide treatment and rehabilitation.

When you discuss your case with me during an initial consultation, you can expect to come away with a clear and realistic understanding of your options. You can gain peace of mind knowing you have an experienced attorney standing by you through all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Zealous Representation For Students

For students charged with drug crimes, even more is at stake. You could face suspension or expulsion from school in tandem with the serious criminal consequences. A conviction could slam the door shut on your educational opportunities — and, in turn, your career dreams.

I can help you handle the charges with the aim of minimizing or avoiding these far-reaching repercussions. I represent students from Oregon State University and other nearby schools who are facing drug charges of any kind.

To discuss your situation, please call my office in Albany, Oregon, at 541-926-3823.