Albany Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a very serious criminal charge, not just because of the consequences that an individual faces in the criminal justice system, but because of the highly personal nature of the offense. Domestic violence affects the people closest to you, and this issue must be dealt with using extreme care and concern for all parties involved. If you have been accused of such a serious offense, make sure to get an experienced Albany domestic violence attorney to protect your rights.

My office, The Reid Law Firm, is known for its dedication to upholding the rights of the accused throughout Western Oregon. Each case I handle has unique circumstances and receives close attention to detail. It can be difficult to get that kind of legal representation from the big-name law firms, as many of them handle a high volume of cases and treat each one as just another file in the file cabinet. I have experience that can hold its own against tough opposition, and I can give you the representation you need to protect your future.

How Could A Domestic Violence Conviction Affect My Life?

Domestic violence or domestic abuse convictions carry with them a number of consequences that many people do not realize. On the federal level, if you are convicted of such a charge, you could be permanently restricted from owning a firearm or ammunition. You could also be prohibited from having contact with your family members, including your children, even during lengthy courtroom proceedings.

As a lawyer, I work to show that an arrest was not necessary, that the accused is not a danger to his or her family, that he or she was not acting violently or abusively, or that charges should be reduced. If expungement (the sealing of a criminal record) is possible, I will pursue it so that accused's future employment or other substantial opportunities are not affected by a criminal record.

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