A Respected Repeat DUII/DUI Defense Attorney In Oregon

Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) is a serious crime in Oregon. The penalties become even harsher for the second, third or fourth offense. Repeat offenses can cost you your driver's license. They can lead to significant fines and jail time, and the fourth offense within 10 years is a felony.

No DUII charge should be taken lightly — especially repeat charges. Getting an experienced advocate to represent you is a wise investment in your future.

Start Developing A Strong Defense Strategy — The Sooner, The Better

Contact me, Forrest Reid, a repeat DUII/DUI defense attorney. I stand up for the accused through all stages of the criminal process, from the initial arrest through trial, plea negotiations or sentencing. I can also fight to preserve your driving privileges through DMV hearings.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating repeat DUII charges. Your liberty, driving privileges and reputation are all on the line.

It is important to enlist help quickly. Your driver's license will be automatically suspended unless you take action before the short deadline.

Combining Friendly, One-On-One Service With Time-Tested Skill Handling Challenging Charges

As a small-town lawyer, I will devote the highest level of personal attention to your case. Clients appreciate my quick responses and thorough explanations. They also benefit from my connections with treatment programs, professional evaluators and other resources in the community.

I combine this friendly approach with a strong foundation of experience. Over the course of over 30 years, I have devoted my entire career to criminal defense, protecting the rights of those facing all types of state and federal charges.

If you are facing a second DUII/DUI offense — or even a third, fourth or fifth — contact me via email or phone at 541-926-3823. The initial consultation is free. My office is centrally located just across from the courthouse in Albany.